Look at your skin… we all see something different. At Skin Therapy London we help you understand what that difference is. 

We don’t just treat your skin, we teach you about what it needs. Through expert consultations and a range of tailored treatments and products we help pinpoint how you can get the best out of yours. We offer a range of leading skincare products and treatments developed with scientific technology to ensure maximum effectiveness is achieved every time. From anti-ageing enzymes to bacteria-busting phytochemicals, our products consist of high performance formulas that target your skin’s needs. 

Skin Therapy London is not your average Beauty Salon, it is a Rehabilitation Clinic for the Skin, Body & Mind. Specialising in Aesthetic Skincare and Holistic Therapies, your therapist will design a bespoke programme encompassing a range of treatments tailored specifically to your needs and goals. 

Whether that be skin tightening for more youthful looking skin, targeting chronic muscular pain and inflammation or eliminating a lifelong trauma, the range of treatments provided will focus on rehabilitating and retraining your mind and body to work on your inner and outer well being. We believe not only in effective treatments but in education for each and every client so that you leave feeling revitalised, inspired and confident. 

Our professional yet approachable nature can be experienced through all that we do. Customer loyalty and recommendations have contributed to our growth and has been the pinnacle of our success.  

Our mission is to look beyond the surface and make a lasting difference. 

Know Your Skin... Beauty Will Follow

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